about IDHAE

Created under the aegis of the UNION of EUROPEAN AVOCATS (UAE), in 2001, in Luxembourg, the Institute for Human Rights of European Lawyers aims to:

  • the study of human rights and in particular the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 4 November 1950 and its protocols and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
  • training of international human rights lawyers for defence before international courts.
  • defence and interventions in favour of the fundamental freedoms and rights of the lawyer.
  • the management and animation of the Global Observatory for Defence Rights and Violations of Lawyers' Rights: "Urgent Lawyer Alert".
  • organizing events, seminars, seminars and participation in human rights publications.

IDHAE and its member institutes also participate in the annual awarding of the Ludovic Trarieux International Human Rights Prize, awarded annually to "a lawyer regardless of nationality or bar, who has illustrated through his work, his work, his activity or its suffering, the defence of respect for human rights, defence rights, the supremacy of the law, the fight against racism and intolerance in all its forms." The prize is presented to the winners alternately in one of the cities where each of the institutes operates.

It is the oldest and most prestigious of the awards reserved for a lawyer. It has its origin, in 1898, in the gesture made by Ludovic Trarieux (1840-1904), a lawyer who founded, in France, at the time of the Dreyfus Affair, the "League of Human and Citizen Rights".

IDHAE published the monthly electronic JOURNAL OF THE MAN.

IDHAE publishes human rights books, including:

Fair trial and judicial protection of citizens (2001)What just
ice for Europe? (2004) The prot
ection of property rights by the European Court of Human Rights (2005)Handic
ap and protection of European and Community law (2006)Th
e Lawyer IN European Law (2008)Th
e Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Lisbon Treaty (2010)

Can be a member:

any lawyer or lawyer, or legal person with the same purpose (order of lawyers or institute or human rights organization) who declares that he adheres to the statutes, after having been presented by at least two associate members, and is admitted in that capacity by a decision of the Board of Directors with a majority of votes.

Amount of annual contributions:

Founding member: €100

New Member: €100

Lawyer for less than 3 years: 50 euros

Legal person (Barreau, organisation, NGO etc. ): $500

You can apply for an IDHAE Application Form.

Payment of dues:

Contribution to IDHAE asblpar c
heque at head office or by transfer to:
Bank ING-PRIVALIS, account 630-0275048-15IBA
N: BE 83 6300 2750 4815BI
nce of the Palace of Justice, Place Poelaer

The Office:

  • Chair: Bertrand FAVREAU (Bordeaux)
  • Vice-Presidents: Christophe PETTITI (Paris), Anton Giulio LANA, (Rome)
  • Secretary-General: Nathalie KORCHIA (Paris)
  • Treasurer: Thierry BONTINCK (Brussels)

Headquarters: 10 rue de Vianden, L 2680 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG